• The Fawn Fire in Shasta County has led to the evacuation of around 4,000 residents, and so far it has burned at least 25 homes. The fire was started by an alleged arsonist late Wednesday afternoon and has grown to 5,850 acres, and was 10% contained as of this morning. [CBS SF]
  • An engineer for the Millennium Tower warns of potential sewer line backups that are being caused by the building's tilting. [NBC Bay Area]
  • An early morning crash in the westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge led to standstill traffic at the toll plaza. [NBC Bay Area]
  • The largest current prison outbreak of COVID in California is at North Kern State Prison in the Central Valley, and a staff member is believed to have seeded it, ultimately leading to over 130 infections as of Friday. [Chronicle]
  • A third batch of stimulus checks and direct-deposit payments are coming from the state of California in early October for residents making up to $75,000 per year. [Chronicle]
  • California's extended sick-leave law is set to expire September 30, so employers will no longer have to pay workers for two-week COVID quarantines. [CalMatters]
  • Another unruly airline passenger story: A man on a Boston-to-Puerto Rico flight on Wednesday tried to storm the cockpit, demanding to be shot, and tried to strangle a flight attendant before he was himself restrained. [Daily Beast]

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images