• The CDC has just endorsed Pfizer boosters for elderly Americans, so medical providers around California are starting to give them. Many locations will likely start offering boosters as soon as tomorrow. [KTVU]
  • El Farolito's plans to open a new location in North Beach have hit a snag: along with the business's "El Favorito" locations, they already have 11 locations around the Bay Area, which means they're formula retail. North Beach has a ban on all formula retail, but if the El Farolito owners make "significant changes" to the menu or concept, of this or another location, they might be able to open at 1230 Grant Avenue. [Chronicle]
  • Some good news?: Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says he thinks it's likely the Delta wave will be the last big infection wave in this pandemic. Gottlieb says it is unlikely that we will see another variant that broadly pierces both through vaccine protection and immunity from previous infection. [CNN]
  • Oh but wait: the Chronicle is trying to create some sort of panic about the R.1 variant, first detected in Japan, which still only makes up 0.05% of cases in the U.S. [Chronicle]
  • There was a small rally outside ICE regional headquarters in San Francisco today in protest of the government's deportation of Haitian refugees. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Criminal proceedings against 23-year-old Garrett Young, the man accused of trying to kill 53-year-old Gryselda Joseph with his car in a Millbrae Starbucks parking lot on Monday, are on hold as Young's mental competency is being evaluated. [KTVU]
  • Two Santa Clara County supervisors are pushing to get $25 million put toward an expanded transitional housing program for the homeless, creating tiny home sites out of shipping containers. [KRON4]

Image: Alex R via Yelp