The infamous Napa curfew left Guns 'N' Roses fans with a totally anti-climactic end to Saturday's set, as the plug got pulled in the middle of the band's encore, "Paradise City," featuring guest Dave Grohl.

The band kept jamming, and so did Grohl, but the audience lost the sound before the song's end on Saturday — with the city of Napa still imposing a strict 10 p.m. cutoff for the festival no matter what band is on stage.

You can hear it happen about three minutes into the video below. Fans still kept singing and cheering.

Around that same time, as Bay Area News Group reports, Miley Cyrus was wrapping up "Wrecking Ball" on another stage.

Grohl is of course no stranger to the BottleRock curfew, and Foo Fighters also had the plug pulled on them during a closing set in 2017. Bay Area News Group notes that the festival organizers have previously also pulled the plug at curfew on The Cure in 2014, and Neil Young in 2019, but Grohl now holds the dubious record of having the sound go out on him twice in Napa.

Foo Fighters were back this year to close out the festival again, and they did so on time on Sunday night at 9:50 p.m., as the Chronicle reports. And they closed with the same tune that got cut off four years ago, "Everlong."

As Grohl told the crowd, the bands likely never know when the sound goes out for the crowd's speakers.

"You know we played here before, a long time ago,” Grohl said, even though it was only four years ago. “We were playing. Our stage volume is so loud up here, we never even knew they turned off the music."

The Chronicle notes that in honor of Foo Fighters' 25th anniversary as a band, they pulled out some deep cuts this time — even though they technically formed 26 years ago.

Top image: That's apparently a fan, and not Slash himself, at BottleRock Napa Valley on Saturday, September 04, 2021. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage)