• No one still knows exactly how a local family of three (and their dog) died while hiking in the Sierra National Forest. An initial autopsy conducted on the bodies came up with no additional information as to how they might have died; investigators still believed these deaths were unintentional, and there was no evidence of any blunt force trauma or poisonings found in the initial report; another autopsy is scheduled soon. [Chronicle]
  • Barack Obama Boulevard debuted in San Jose Saturday. The over half-mile portion of the Autumn Street was renamed honor the 44th president of the United States at the cost of $11K to rename the signs; about 150 people — led by Shoor, former San Jose City Councilman Forrest Williams — marched down the newly named Barack Obama Boulevard toward SAP Center, where the official dedication ceremonies were held yesterday morning. [East Bay Times]
  • Hundreds of people, all of whom were immunocompromised, have now received a third COVID-19 vaccine dose amid the CDC, FDA, and Marin County approving the supplemental doses. [KTVU]
  • CAL FIRE investigators still don't have enough evidence to pinpoint the exact cause of the Glass Fire, but a nearby winery has now absolved itself from accountability after its electric fence line came into question.  [Chronicle]
  • A recent study published in the journal Science Advances found that exposure to the smoke correlated to an increase in serious cases and deaths from the disease across California, Washington, and Oregon during 2020 — so what does that all mean for this year's wildfire season? [Hoodline]
  • With Prop 22 deemed unconstitutional, Lyft and Uber drivers are reacting to the edict; one independent contractor said that “[he] always assumed Prop 22 was going to be a short-lived victory as well.” [KRON4]
  • A reminder that vaccines are just as important to us humans as they are for the animals we share this planet with, especially those that are on the edge of extinction. [Mongabay]
  • In the New York Times today, you'll find a read that echoes the importance of preserving Indonesia’s vanishing jungles... which have shrunk by over 80% over the past fifty years, alone. [NYT]

Photo: Getty Images/Pgiam