Staff at the SFMTA presented proposals this week to construct a new Muni Metro line that would connect downtown with the Richmond District along Geary Boulevard, as well as extending the still-under-construction Central Subway to Fisherman's Wharf.

While no one should take any of this too seriously just yet, given the funding required and the SFMTA's piss-poor track record of getting projects completed, we have another proposal to dream about for Muni's far-off future. As the Chronicle reports, SFMTA staff presented parts of its long-term strategic plan to the SFMTA Board earlier this week — called the Transportation 2050 plan — and the proposed ideas to extend the Muni Metro in three directions were met with some skepticism.

The plan includes a new line that would run from downtown SF out Geary Boulevard and then hang a left and go south down 19th Avenue into the Sunset.

SFMTA Board Director Steve Heminger responded bluntly, per the Chronicle: "We’re living through a highly uncertain time — let’s put it that way — and when you’re uncertain of where the future is taking you, I don’t think that’s when you want to build a subway down 19th Avenue."

You may recall that the SFMTA was seeking public input in 2019 on the extension of the Central Subway to Fisherman's Wharf, and there's been talk of trying to get BART to extend out along Geary for years.

And we're still two years behind in seeing the Central Subway actually open for business — it's now set to open next spring — and we're something like four years behind in seeing those dumb bus rapid-transit lanes get finished on Van Ness. So obviously none of this may ever happen, but dare to dream, SFMTA!

As for the cost, the overall plan is estimated now to cost $31 billion — which means $60 billion probably — and one third of that is estimated for extensions to the Muni Metro.