With mask restrictions back in place for fitness gyms in San Francisco and Marin and ongoing anxieties of  inside exercise, the idea of outdoor workouts is alive and well. Since the Greeks, who believed “A good citizen was virtuous in mind and in body where training was a civic duty, rather than a lifestyle choice” Americans have been trying to figure out how to keep themselves in shape, both mentally and physically, in the age of COVID-19, the Delta variant, and everything (hopefully not) thereafter.

“Most impressive is that training was a total discipline, combining elements of biology, physiology, ergometry, and sports medicine, and was fully integrated with philosophy and politics.” - Plato

The country has provided some guidance about how to keep safe while keeping yourself fit in the time of the corona virus, but for those still anxious about working out inside of a gym, there is always the great outdoors. Soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air in your favorite park rather than some stuffy gym. If you’re lucky enough to own your own pair of weights, drive or bike to an unpopulated outlet to get your pump on. Finding the best places to work out while being outside is refreshing, possibly a new experience, and much safer than breathing hard and sweating it out inside.

LuxFit SF - 432 Octavia St Ste C San Francisco

LuxFit SF

Located in the heart of Hayes Valley, LuxFit SF is the perfect mixture of a hardcore workout, tight community, and urban nature. An added bonus is that there are a ton of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in the area so after you workout you can treat yourself to a couple earned treats. They provide cardio classes, group fitness, personal training, and, if you’re still nervous about in person workouts, virtual classes. I personally love any kind of circuit training because of its build strength and muscular endurance. If you want to work out alone, they also provide an open gym with plenty of equipment to keep you busy.

Glow SF - 1548 Stockton Street/Block of Washington Square Park


This past year has been nothing short of painful. Glow's Mission is to reduce pain, stress, and suffering via holistic physical and spiritual disciplines, something that the Bay Area and San Francisco are famous for. If you love challenging not just your body but your mind, all while being outdoors, Glow is the perfect mix of mind body and soul. If you are a beginner or getting back into Yoga after quarantine, Glow suggests their Core Signature Class to strengthen core, back, glutes, and all joint-supportive muscles. An added bonus is after your class you’ll be in beautiful North Beach!

Check out this Youtube video to get a better feel for the area!

Mighty Pilates - 2257 Larkspur Landing Circle - Marin


If you’re looking to get out of San Francisco, Mighty Pilates is a beautiful studio in the Marin Country Mart that offers private sessions and challenging group Pilates classes on Reformers and Towers. I grew up in Marin so trust me when I say there’s no better feeling than getting out of San Francisco’s fog every and experience the heat of this picturesque suburb. Outdoor reformer classes are located in a secluded area on the deck, just outside the studio. The space features 10 reformers that are covered with a sail cloth to keep the sun out of clients’ eyes.

Whether you are new, looking back into working out after being cooped up inside, or simply trying to switch up your workout setting, all of these locations and more are sure to get your sweat on.