The mother of the young man who was fatally shot in his tent over the July 4th weekend at a campsite by Lake Oroville remains in shock and still has no information from investigators about why her son was killed.

20-year-old Tyler Dickson was on a camping trip at the Bidwell Marina Campground next to Lake Oroville when he was shot and killed early on the morning of July 3. Initially, media reports suggested he was with his own family and an uncle reported the death to authorities. But as Dickson's mother, Jade Nelson of San Pablo, tells KRON4 in an interview, he was actually camping with his girlfriend's family at the time.

"It’s the worst feeling in the world to not know what happened to your child," she says.

Nelson tells KRON4 that she last spoke to her son around 10 p.m. on the night of July 2, and then she got a call at 5 a.m. the next morning saying that something had happened to him. She learned from the Butte County Sheriff's Office that Dickson was shot while sleeping in a tent with his girlfriend.

She describes the incident as bizarre, and says, "I’m heartbroken. I need answers. Somebody knows what happened to my child. It was too quiet. I mean it’s a secluded area. There’s no way that somebody doesn’t know what happened."

Dickson was a star athlete at El Cerrito High School, where he was the quarterback of the football team before graduating two years ago. Nelson says he had a football scholarship at Western Colorado University.

Dickson had traveled to Lake Oroville from San Pablo with the girlfriend's family for the holiday weekend.

Nelson says, "He was a good kid. All he did was go to school, go to football practice and come home every single day."

Butte County authorities still have made no arrests, and the killing remains under investigation. Anyone with information about Dickson's death is asked to call detectives at 530-538-7671.

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