The forthcoming Trump campaign tell-all from a Wall Street Journal reporter delves into Kim Guilfoyle’s TMI revelations about Don Jr.’s turn-ons, “including how he liked it when she wore a cheerleading outfit.”

We will preface this article full of lurid alleged sexual details from the British tabloids about Kimberly Guilfoyle by pointing out that at one time long ago, Guilfoyle was an accomplished San Francisco assistant district attorney who won convictions, and international acclaim, in a notorious 2001 dog mauling case. She was intelligent and highly respected, even after marrying Gavin Newsom and agreeing to a 2004 Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot that was a longtime laughingstock in this particular blog.  

But it is well-documented that since Guilfoyle’s 2006 Fox News heel turn (a job she left three years ago over alleged sexual harassment claims from an assistant), and then as Donald Trump Jr.’s mistress-turned-girlfriend and 2020 Trump campaign finance chair, that Guilfoyle’s wildly unprofessional and overtly sexual conduct was rather intentionally overshadowing her credentials. And this was all on purpose, a shock humor provocation that made her sort of a conservative version of Angelyne on LA billboards. Shortly after Trump’s loss, Politico reported that “some donors were horrified by what they described as Guilfoyle’s lack of professionalism: She frequently joked about her sex life and, at one fundraiser, offered a lap dance to the donor who gave the most money.”

Get ready to lap up more of the same, as a slew of new books exposing top-level incompetence at the Trump campaign is hitting bookstore shelves. Among these is Wall Street Journal reporter Michael C. Bender’s Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, which details how Guilfoyle apparently thought it would inspire GOP donors to give more money if she were more explicit about she and Don Jr.’s sex life. Among the direct quotes is that Guilfoyle called the younger Trump a "naughty boy" when she "let him out of his cage," and described him as “Braveheart meets honey badger.''


These are advance quotes taken directly from the book and published in the Daily Mail. That piece also paraphrases that “Kimberly Guilfoyle regaled Republican donors with tales of her private life with Donald Trump Jr., including how he liked it when she wore a cheerleading outfit.”

There are far more disturbing allegations in the book than the cheerleading outfit nonsense. The Hitler “did a lot of good things” quote, the “I made Juneteenth very famous" quip, and the free ads on Sean Hannity will deservedly get more attention. But given Guilfoyle’s local Mission District roots, and her story arc from San Francisco's first lady to Mar-A-Lago moll, anytime she shows up in the news unflatteringly is reason for SFist to titter.

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Image: Donald Trump, Jr. via Instagram