A now-identified drunk driver careened into the outdoor seating area of San Jose's Agave Sports Bar Friday night around 9 p.m.; San Jose police confirmed two men and one woman were injured during the crash — though the woman, however, eventually died from her injuries at a nearby hospital.

What was an otherwise calm, uneventful Friday evening at the popular San Jose Mexican restaurant quickly devolved into a chaotic, deadly evening when a driver drunkenly put his car in reverse rather than in the park gear, which sent his car hurdling into the outdoor eating area and caused three dinners being taken to a nearby hospital.

According to KRON4, San Jose police say the driver, who's now been identified as 32-year-old Alex Moreno, was in a parked car when he accidentally put it in reverse and drove into the seated restaurant patrons.

The Chronicle notes that Moreno was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail for "felony DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter" after the crash; Moreno is expected to face his first court appearance on June 16; the female passenger in the thirtysomething's car during the crash was not harmed.

So far in 2021, San Jose has recorded 24 fatal collisions and 25 traffic fatalities, per the newspaper; thus far into this calendar year, SFMTA has recorded 11 traffic fatalities in San Francisco.

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Image: Getty Imagess/carlballou