In-person nightlife events are starting up again, and a new online weekly event listing site called Fa-Word details all the events and reopenings that are here and queer in SF.

We’re pretty much all fully vaccinated now, and this weekend seems to be the return of big in-person dance parties and club nights. Make Out Room has a dance party tonight. The Rickshaw Stop is doing a parklet dance party Saturday, and Cancholas Bar and Valencia Room both have Carnaval parties Saturday. The Lookout has a Memorial Day party, and that’s just a small sampling of the weekend’s party fare. How do we know of these events? Because we scrolled Facebook's event listings, a platform that absolutely sucks ass since the Facebook redesign, and even pulling up links for those five events was an extraordinarily frustrating process that made us angrily shout the lord’s name in vein multiple times.

But a new weekly online publication is aggregating all of the big LGBTQ events in one spot, with a glossy magazine-style presentation similar to LGBTQ ‘scene’ magazines, and easy scroll-down interface. It’s call Fa-Word, a reference to the pro sports officiating term for the other F-word that is not “fuck” (Hint: the word rhymes with ‘maggot.’) Fa-Word publishes every Monday, and is already eight weekly issues into its tenure.

“As we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off after this past year, I saw there was a void in local media that needed to be filled,” says Fa-Word co-founder Paul Miller, who formerly owned the Mission bar Truck. “Bars in the Castro, SoMa, and elsewhere are trying to get their customer bases back, and they need a way to put the word out about events, promotions, and special club nights for people who may not follow them on social media. So I decided to partner with local bars to launch, which is a sort of one-stop shop for getting news about the bar and club scene, and seeing weekly listings for people to figure out where to go out — now that they can go out again.”

Want to see what’s up this weekend? Boom, here are this weekend’s events. Fa-Word also has bar and club listings, and per a press release, will branch out to include “short articles about notable LGBTQ figures and happenings around town, quick profiles of bartenders, and photos of folks getting back out and about.”

And since this year’s SF Pride is now socially distanced out over the whole month, that means — hey-o! — Pride begins this coming Tuesday! As such, those events are already coming in, plus Fa-Word already lists more than a half-dozen large parties for the traditional end-of-June Pride weekend.

Obviously, the structure of many of these events is in flux. Fa-Word seems to be keeping abreast of these changes and updating as frequently as possible. But now that dance parties, club nights, and this thing we used to call ‘nightlife’ are all returning, we’ll look forward to bookmarking Fa-Word to keep up to date on the party proceedings.

Disclosure: SFist editor-in-chief Jay Barmann is also co-founder of

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