The vaccine machine that is Levi’s Stadium is offering teens a “Vaxstage Pass”  — vaccine shots, with chasers of 49ers swag, locker room tours, and live DJs several nights this week.

We were impressed last month when Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium broke the single-day vaccination record at the football-stadium-turned-mass-vaccination-site, with 12,000 shots administered in one day. We are unlikely to see numbers like that again, as the initial rush is over, and so many people are now vaccinated. But the new front is the now-eligible 16-18 age range, and to meet that challenge, KPIX reports that Levi’s and the county are co-hosting teen vaccine parties starting Tuesday night, and going through Thursday night.    

It’s technically called Youth Night at Levi’s Stadium, it’s open to anyone age 16-19 with no appointment required, and any family members accompanying the teens can also get their shot. The big attraction is the 49ers' locker room tour, but there’s also an open-air DJ dance party on the field, 49ers-themed swag and tchotchkes (“while supplies last”), and of course the obligatory cardboard Fauci cutout for selfies. It’s unclear which variety is administered (the site gives more than one, it’s the Santa Clara County Health Department’s decision) so the teens may or may not need a second shot.  

Above we see platinum-record pop star (and Lowell High alum) 24kGoldn encouraging teens to show up for the Levi’s Stadium party shot one of these weeknights. He is clearly not going to be on hand, though subtly misdirects with the words “Go get vaxxed so you can get outside and turn it up with me.” He also uses the phrase “What’s up, fellow teenagers?,” indicating the Steve Buscemi meme “How do you do, fellow kids?” may have reverse shark-jumped into conversational use.

Levi’s has also recruited youth ambassadors to talk their fellow teens into showing up. “We are shifting the vibe instead of going to the doctor’s, it’s more like you’re going out to the stadium to watch a football game,” one such youth ambassador and Evergreen Valley High School junior Steven Luo told KPIX. “That’s a lot more fun so teenagers are more inclined to do that.”

Image: @SupOttoLee via Twitter

49ers mascot Sourdough Sam, will also be present, but what in the Sand Hill Road is going on with his mask? Like, he has a mask, but it only covers his nose? Perhaps it doesn’t matter because he’s fully vaccinated. And more importantly, this stadium scheme may get tens of thousands of teens that much closer to full vaccination, where proper mask etiquette no longer applies.

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Top image: Usbduong33 via Wikimedia Commons