SFist has been keeping up with both the brood of peregrine falcons that hatched in the nest atop the PG&E building last month, and with the other brood across the Bay atop UC Berkeley's Campanile, which hatched later. And today we learn that the the Berkeley brood of three males now have names.

The names of the three not-quite-fledgling falcons are Fauci, Kaknu, and Wek’-Wek’, with the latter two names being falcon figures from Native American traditions, and the first in honor of our national pandemic hero. As Berkeleyside reports, the names were voted on by some 3,000 followers of the Cal Falcons Twitter account and Instagram.

The birds grow fast, and since that photo above was taken around May 12, the three boys have already lost much of that fluffy white baby plumage and have partially fledged, meaning they've gained more adult feathers fit for flight.

Over in the PG&E nest in San Francisco, the four juvenile falcons are actually starting to fly! Their names are Andy, Cade, Rachel, and Echo — two males and two females — and they've all survived to fledgling stage, with at least one or two taking flight as of this week.

The video below from this morning shows all four together on the ledge near the nest, with Andy having already flown off on one of his first flights and returned. The birds can't yet hunt for themselves, and are still relying on parents Val and Canyon to bring prey back to the nest for meals.

Also from the PG&E building nest, another video posted today, showing Andy taking off.

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