While the Bay Area is home to some of the finest gastronomic houses of swell repute, we are also home to some of the silliest and most pretentious restaurant names. Take, for example, A16. What does that even mean? (Do not answer that.) Or SPQR. (That would be like an American-themed restaurant in Italy called EPU.) Or Tacolicious. (The only acceptable case for using the -licious suffix is here or here.) We should point out that the aforementioned restaurants are exemplary and downright tasty. However, the names of newfangled restaurants are starting to grate. Our eye-rolling muscles can only take so much. And when you have to read about them over and over again on local food blogs, they grown even more tiresome. (What the hell does State Bird Provisions mean? Again, don't answer that.) This is where you come in, readers.

Give us a restaurant's name that irks you. Do not give the name of a joint you cannot stand, a place where the food blows, or that restaurant where your ex dumped you one night long ago. Take that nonsense to Yelp. We just want the Bay Area restaurant with the worst name. We will later have a poll to decide the winner. And, yes, "pop-up" is an acceptable candidate. More than acceptable candidate, in fact.

Oh, and the best named restaurants in the Bay Area? Flour + Water, Phuket Thai, and Penthouse Club & Steakhouse, naturally. Now start naming names in the comments.