A new all-day breakfast restaurant from a pair of local restaurant vets, which began as a pop-up, has found a permanent, brick-and-mortar location in North Beach.

It's called Hilda and Jesse, and the two chefs behind it say they have long wanted to build a restaurant around their favorite meal, breakfast. The chefs and co-owners are Rachel Sillcocks — who served as executive chef at both Range and Piccino before opening Marla Bakery in 2015 — and Kristina Compton, who met Sillcocks in the kitchen at Range and later worked at Avery, Mosu, and Atelier Crenn.

They say breakfast has been an "undervalued meal," and they want to do it justice. "We are excited to explore and share our ideas about breakfast through Hilda and Jesse," the pair says on their website.

Tablehopper broke the news last week that Hilda and Jesse has found a location, and it's at 1665 Powell Street at Union, currently home to North Beach Gyros.

You can sign up here to receive updates from the team about the opening, which looks like it may be some months off, and future pop-up dates in the meantime. Also they say they are actively seeking investors, so you can email them through the website if you're looking for a restaurant investment.

The them of the restaurant is "breakfast without boundaries!", and you can see some pancake porn below involving buttermilk, maple syrup with grilled strawberries, and salted butter. These "Pancakes Without Boundaries" were for sale at Bi-Rite back in December.

Pop-ups included other dishes like an "avocado toast" involving trout roe, and a brunch box with brown-sugar-rubbed pork shoulder, garlic rice, and stir-fried cabbage.

Stay tuned for further details.