In hopes of getting you to flutter about town for Small Business Week, the SF Flower Mart has installed giant butterfly sculptures made of flowers in key retail corridors all over town.  

A couple weeks back, Mayor Breed declared a Small Business 30-Day Challenge wherein we are implored to not buy anything from the Amazons, Targets, and mass retailers of the world, and instead only shop at local small businesses for the month of May. And as we metamorphose back into creatures who go outside and socialize again, the San Francisco Flower Mart is sweetening the deal, by placing 10-foot-wide floral butterfly sculptures around town to get you to fly around to your local retailers on this Small Business Week.

The floral butterflies are already up, and will remain out through Friday. (Though they’re generally only out during the business hours of the storefronts hosting them.)

“A total of 13 life-size butterflies will bloom throughout the city’s commercial corridors, kicking off Small Business Month,” according to a release from Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s office. “The selfie-ready sculptures are created by designers from the San Francisco Flower Mart, one of the city’s oldest Legacy Businesses and one of the nation’s last remaining wholesale markets.”

That release of course focuses on District 3’s Chinatown/North Beach butterfly, seen above at its introduction on Saturday. “The theme of the District 3 Chinatown/North Beach butterfly sculpture is ‘East Meets West,’ in a nod to the longtime collaborative spirit between the Chinatown and North Beach communities.” “The artist, Nixon Tran, has incorporated flowers and materials of significance to both communities.”

Other floral designers featured include Acme Floral, Anies Charles, Desiree Flower & Design Studio, Envy Floral Design Paul Robertson, RD Floral & Event Design, Sharla Flock Designs, Sharp Stick Studio, and Stanlee Gatti Designs.

The Google Map map below (which may require some zooming in) shows the locations of all 13 floral butterflies, and again, they’re only up til Friday. So they won’t be around for Mother’s Day, but any photos you take could come in handy if you screw up and forget to send your mom a card this week.

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Top Image: Jay Barmann, SFist