Gusts over 30mph ripped through parts of San Francisco late Saturday afternoon — leaving a wake of fallen branches, blown-over trash bins, and one 50-foot tree collapsed at the Sydney G. Walton Square park, which apparently injured a person.

This weekend's been particularly pretty, with blue skies and abundant sunshine steady constants since Friday. But yesterday, things took a turn when a series of strong winds howled through SF, claiming at least one towering tree. (And by the looks of some NBC Bay Area footage: More than a few tree topplings occurred Saturday, including one that saw a silver Toyota have its rear corner panel collapsed in by fallen timber.)

Per KPIX, San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) officials reported that a massive tree had fallen down just before 4 p.m. near Front and Jackson Street.

Completely uprooted, the tree — which was estimated to be at least 50 feet tall — had reportedly trapped one person under its massive weight, albeit only for a moment.

Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter of the SFFD said that the person was injured while temporarily trapped under the fallen tree; the victim was transported to a local hospital to receive treatment.

Though this upcoming week won't see as strong of winds as Saturday, it looks like San Franciscans can expect a few days that see gusts over 22mph.

SFFD recommends those who see a downed tree call "311"; only dial "911" if there are any downed power wires or someone has been injured by a fallen objects.

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Image: Courtesy of Erie Insurance