Cocktail service Rye on the Road takes a jab at the various vaccines, with novelty craft cocktail packs of “doses” like Pfizzr and Gentian & Gentian.

Should you ever need to send a COVID care package to the Scotch whiskey enthusiast in your life, the Centers for Cocktail Control and Consumption recommends this whimsical vaccine parody pack Pandemic Potables from cocktail service Rye on the Road. An exercise in the brandalization of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains, the two-pack or four-pack riffs on those companies’ brand names and logos, and the craft cocktails come with faux medical advice like “administer over ice” and “apply directly to mouth.”    

Image: Joe Kukura, SFist

Yes, Rye on the Road is affiliated with the Tenderloin top-shelf cocktail bar Rye. “Rye is our bar. Rye on the Road is our cocktail service,” co-owner Greg Lindgren tells SFist. “We make drinks for events like weddings and Off The Grid. Like many bars, we make bottled cocktails for pick up and delivery.”

Image: Rye on the Road

They’ve been preparing cocktail packs for companies’ remote Zoom happy hours during the pandemic, often customized for the recipient. That’s when the vaccine idea was injected into their craft cocktail repertoire.

Image: Rye on the Road

“We got a request for some cocktails with the instruction to make them vaccine-themed, and play on Pfizer and Moderna,” Lindgren says. “I made the first two for that, and then followed up with Johnson & Johnson and penicillin. We are trying to insert a little humor in a brutally difficult year for a lot of folks. Hopefully that comes through."

Sure, these bottles are funny. But will they upset the armies of lawyers at the pharmaceutical companies being parodied here?

Image: Rye on the Road

“As for the brandalization of the pharmaceutical companies, we are just assuming the art and satire is evident,” he tells us. “We would not want anyone to confuse cocktails with vaccines. We want you to get your shot, and then relax a bit and have a cocktail.”

Rye on the Road’s Pandemic Potables are available in two-packs ($40) and four-packs ($80). Buyers get to choose their shots, to deter vaccine hesitancy. Packs are available via delivery or pickup at Rye’s 688 Geary Street location. Order here.

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Image: Rye on the Road