A car plowed into a parklet outside the Napper Tandy pub on South Van Ness Avenue at 24th Street Monday, and it appears one person was injured in the accident.

Photos of the incident were posted to Reddit Monday evening around 7 p.m., and the Redditor who posted them said the injured person was "Walking but banged up," and was taken away on a stretcher for examination.

Photo: spgulliver/Reddit

The car appears to have been traveling south on South Van Ness as it approached the intersection, and swerved into the Napper Tandy's Shared Spaces parklet area bordering the sidewalk — providing another nightmare scenario/cautionary tale concerning what many Bay Area residents have been anxious about with these parklets on busy streets.

The Irish bar has two parklet areas, one on 24th Street and a smaller one on the South Van Ness side.

The cause of the incident remains unclear, but the Redditor witness suggests the driver was distracted, and upon approaching a stopped car at the red light at 24th, swerved into the parklet where people were eating and drinking instead of hitting the other vehicle.

Photo: spgulliver/Reddit

Here's a "before" picture of the parklet.

Photo: Google Street View

We have not seen too many of these parklet crash disasters in San Francisco, thankfully, but this may not be the last.

A similar incident occurred in October at an outdoor dining tent area at Dynasty Chinese Seafood Restaurant in San Jose. An elderly driver who was reportedly attempting to park nearby accidentally hit the accelerator pedal and sent his Toyota Rav4 flying across a busy street and into the restaurant's dining area, killing one woman.

Last month, a driver suspected of DUI crashed into a dining parklet on Park Street in Alameda. No one was seriously injured in that incident.