• The beloved Korean grocery store H Mart — known for its dedication to carrying authentic Korean ingredients, including countless types of bean paste — will open its first San Francisco location next week. H Mart announced on Twitter before the weekend that its new 42,000-square-foot space will open at the Ocean View Village Shopping Center; "We are super excited to join the neighborhood!" [KRON4]
  • 137 East Bay restaurants, bars, and other local businesses have pledged to follow Almanac Beer Company's lead — donating part of their Saturday earnings to support nonprofits and organizations standing against Asian American hate. [KPIX]
  • The story of how 1,002 nearly expired Covid-19 vaccine doses (stored in 167 "thimble-sized glass vials) made the 300-mile trek from Eureka to San Francisco in just a single day is one for the books. keeping them safe and cool along the way. [Chronicle]
  • One yet-identified adult was saved by San Francisco firefighters during a "surf rescue" at Ocean Beach Saturday night. [Twitter]
  • Though Friday's protest to denounce the recent police killing of Daunte Write was largely peaceful, community organizers and volunteers came out to help clean up some of the broken windows and sprayed graffiti. [KTVU]
  • Amid an increasing amount of claims from people experiencing side effects after their second Moderna dose, UCSF Dr. RobertWachter would like to remind you that those symptoms are a "sign [that the vaccine] working." [ABC7]
  • While there’s still hope for a fourth stimulus check, it’s clear Biden and his cabinet are keener on passing a $2T-plus infrastructure plan that would help the country move away from carbon-heavy energy sources. [CNBC]

Image: Getty Images/NicolasMcComber