Friday evening, four kite surfers were finally able to make it ashore in Foster City after strong ocean winds carried them far away from their original kick-off points; all but one, however, needed rescue by local firefighters and Coast Guard officers.

As reported by the Chronicle, a group of kite surfers found themselves in trouble Friday after rogue wind conditions left them struggling to make it back to dry land. As the winds began to die down around 7:20 p.m. in the evening, Coast Guard officials received a report of two stranded kite surfers in the water off Foster City's Mariners Point Golf Center.

“Their kites were in the water, so they weren’t able to move,” said Command Duty Officer Pantelis Vasilarakis with Coast Guard Sector San Francisco, to the newspaper.

The Coast Guard apparently launched a vessel from Yerba Buena Island to assist; the San Mateo County Fire Department also deployed two vessels to search the water for others in need of help. (Prior in the day, other kite surfers were experiencing similar issues in the area with their kits landing in the water — though most eventually made it safely back to the shore.)

Per NBC Bay Area, the San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department battalion chief said at one of the four ended up being able to make it back to shore safely... but the others others needed assistance. One of the two rescued was diagnosed with mild hypothermia, but was treated onshore and released.

Ryan Morgan, an operations specialist with Coast Guard Sector San Francisco, told the Chronicle the rescue was a “joint effort” by Coast Guard and San Mateo County fire officials.

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Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons