• Police are still searching for a possible robbery suspect that managed to evade police through Oakland city streets Friday evening. The driver of the car could be seen weaving in and out of traffic — at one point almost striking a pedestrian — before eventually leaving the vehicle and heading toward an apartment complex at the 7100 block of Favor Street; it's unclear if Oakland police have since apprehended the suspect since last night's chase. [ABC7]
  • And in what appears to be an unrelated event: a man inside his Oakland apartment was shot in the pinky finger early Friday morning by a motorist on driving along Interstate 580. [Chronicle]
  • As meme-able as it's been, the container ship blocking the Suez Canal could mean weeks-long delays for goods arriving to affected countries — and there's now an estimated $10B in trade that’s backed up on both sides of the canal, currently. [NBC Bay Area]
  • A literal whistleblower campaign aims to give out thousands of whistles to elderly Asian Americans in the Bay Area as a means to help warn others when they might need help from an episode of violence; enough money for more than 5,000 whistles has already been raised. [GoFundMe]
  • From purple-hued donuts to big-ass Easter eggs, here are some springtime morsels to sink your teeth into this weekend (and in the days leading up to Easter). [7x7]
  • And some 11 million J&J vaccines will be delivered around the country next week. [LA Times]

Image: Getty Images/DianeBentleyRaymond