Remember the innocent days of 2011 when a YouTube meme took off and spawned a hundred iterations covering most U.S. cities and a variety of cultures and subcultures, even baristas?

Yes, that was the "Shit ____s say" phenomenon, and the "Shit San Franciscans Say" video was a late arrival in 2012, a creation of Annie Sloan — who incidentally started her own company last year that "puts the mini-bar, concierge, and gift shop in your Airbnb." See it below.

I'm not sure if all of San Francisco needs to see itself through the lens of the young tech executive/entrepreneur. But that is what we have in comedian Alexis Gay's 2021 version of the same concept, published this week on Twitter.

She captions it "every single park hang in San Francisco," but, I mean, I've lived here quite awhile, and I've done my fair share of park hangs, and none of them sound like this because I don't hang with people who talk like this.

But hey! For a certain segment of the park-hanging population, perhaps you will get a chuckle out of this. Otherwise, it seems like we've had this conversation before about tech cliches, and Silicon Valley ended two years ago, and we're all tired of hearing about someone's air-quotes "angel investor" or "raising a SPAC."

The line about Souvla is kind of funny, though.