• Thieves targeted Clement Street in the Inner Richmond for attempted burglaries over the holiday weekend. Some businesses, including Toy Boat by Jane, had their front windows smashed. [KRON4]
  • Wild turkeys continue to be a major presence in the East Bay city of Albany, and most people don't mind them. Groups of turkeys (called "rafters") stop traffic, and occasionally menace people, but mostly they just move along. [Chronicle]
  • California's stay-at-home orders are expected to be officially extended today by Governor Gavin Newsom — in particular those in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley where ICUs currently have no available capacity. [KRON4]
  • Vice-president-elect Kamala Harris was scheduled to get her COVID vaccination today, on camera, alongside husband Doug Emhoff. [CNN]
  • UCSF's Dr. Monica Gandhi continues to push for a "harm-reduction" model for New Year's Eve, saying that if you need to gather with people, do what you can to reduce the risk of virus spread by doing it outside, or at least keeping windows open, etc. [CBS SF]
  • In Sonoma County, where 67% of COVID cases are among the Latinx population, but only 27% of deaths are Latinx people, a discussion is ongoing about how to equitably distribute vaccines — given that long-term care facilities, which are being prioritized, tend to skew largely white. [ABC 7]
  • The House is now pushing the Senate to take an open vote on raising stimulus checks to individuals to $2,000, and Bernie Sanders is leading the charge to try to keep senators in Washington past New Year's Eve if necessary. [New York Times / Politico]

Photo: Brannon Naito