• Assemblymember David Chiu introduced a pair of bills in Sacramento today with the intention of extending the state's eviction moratorium for residential tenants for another 11 months. The current moratorium expires at the end of January, but lawmakers will have limited time to agree on an extension if they wait until the new year. [Chronicle]
  • Marin County remains in the state's "Red" tier while the rest of the Bay Area is either in a severe lockdown or in the "Purple" tier under curfew. [KRON4]
  • Diablo Crossfit in Pleasant Hill continues to defy state and local health orders, and was open today for indoor workouts. [KTVU]
  • Tesla released its first-ever diversity reports, which shows that only 21 percent of its US workforce is female, and 10 percent is Black. [SF Business Times]
  • The Giants' big development at Mission Rock promises to name new city streets after Maya Angelou, and pioneering female pro baseball player Toni Stone. [Examiner]
  • The Warriors' #2 draft pick, rookie center James Wiseman, has tested positive for COVID-19, and so has Draymond Green, according to sources. [Chronicle]
  • It's being rumored that Trump is planning to fly to Florida and host a competing rally for supporters on Inauguration Day — because that's totally mature and normal. [KRON4]

Photo: lukewho2/Instagram