A "multiple agency incident" is unfolding near Sutro Baths after reports came in this morning of a floating body that was seen in the waters around the area.

The Citizen app notes the incident was initially reported this morning at 8:47 a.m., with a later update adding that SF firefighters were en route to respond to a person "in need of assistance."

The San Francisco Fire Department has said this is a "MULTI AGENCY INCIDENT" in a tweet about the search and rescue effort.

Person Stuck in Water at Sutro Baths @CitizenApp

Sutro Baths 8:47:40 AM PST

A rescue helicopter and firefighter boats were still reportedly looking for the body at 9:39 a.m.; no further update on the incident has since been reported.

Ocean conditions along Ocean Beach and Baker Beach have been described as dangerous and turbulent over the past weeks, with abnormally high king tides happening throughout the San Francisco Bay Area today and tomorrow, triggering a Coastal Flood Advisory for various parts of the region. This month has also seen multiple Wave Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

KRON4 noted that "high surf and rapid set waves" were present at the rescue site; the news outlet also noted the body was apparently seen floating face down at some point.

No further details are available on this story, but we'll keep you updated with any pertinent findings.

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Image: Courtesy of Getty Images via SawBear