The ranked-choice tallying is ongoing on Wednesday for SF's six Board of Supervisors races, but there are several that can probably be called at this point. And former supervisor Scott Wiener handily won reelection to the state Senate with 60% of the vote as of last count.

The contested races in Districts 1 and 7 remain too close to call as of noon on Wednesday. The two seats are being given up by Sandra Lee Fewer and Norman Yee, respectively, with Yee having been termed out.

Longtime District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin appears to have likely won his reelection bid with 55% of the vote as of the fourth pass in ranked-choice counting last night. Challenger Danny Sauter had 35% as of that pass.

In District 5, where mayor's appointee and former supervisor Vallie Brown was once again facing off against incumbent progressive Dean Preston, Preston appears to have won reelection as well. As of the last tally, Preston had 51.7% of the vote compared to Brown's 40.5%. Preston only narrowly beat Brown one year ago in another ranked-choice count.

Hillary Ronen, as SFist noted last week, ran unopposed in District 9, so yeah, she wins.

And Ahsha Safai, who took the D11 seat from a termed-out John Avalos in 2017, appears to have a lead in the showdown with a returning Avalos. Safai had a 49.7% lead as of the fourth pass, with Avalos holding on to 41.7%.

Here's what we know so far about the D1 and D7 races:

District 1: Fewer's seat representing the Richmond District and part of NoPa is being fought over by two lead contenders. Connie Chan, a former aide to Peskin who received Fewer's endorsement — and therefore the progressives' seal of approval — had 37.4% of the vote as of the fourth pass. The Chronicle noted that as of the second ranked-choice tally, Mayor Breed's endorsee Marjan Philhour had a half-percentage-point lead over Chan, but Philhour now has 34.7% of the vote.

Chan currently has 10,591 votes to Philhour's 9,818. We'll update this as the next tally gets published.

Update 11/6: Philhour leads Chan by 87 votes — 14,928 to 14,841 as of the last ranked-choice count on Thursday, but the race has not yet been called.

District 7: Perhaps the nastiest supervisorial race this time around, in District 7 — which represents part of the Sunset, Parkmerced, Parkside, Forest Hill and West Portal — remains close, with Joel Engardio holding on to 24% as of last count and progressive challenger Vilaska Nguyen holding 2o.97%. Another challenger, former Planning Commission President Myrna Melgar, though, also comes in close with 20.5%, meaning that this ranked-choice tabulation could go on for days if not longer. As the Chronicle noted, Melgar held the lead as of the second pass on Tuesday night. Four other challengers still hold about 10,000 first-choice votes in this race and have yet to be eliminated, and Engardio's lead is currently less than 1,000 votes.

Update 11/6: Engardio conceded to Melgar and Melgar declared victory late Thursday, though ranked-choice tabulations continue.

Photo: Gordon Mak