As we reported last week, the iconic, 83-year-old, two-sided electronic Coca-Cola billboard next to I-80 in SoMa reached the end of its life in SF. And now, in case you haven't been on the freeway for a minute... is gone.

Photo: evealgenieus/Reddit

As the Redditor who posted the above said, this photo was just to prove "that Shen Yun has not taken over the Coke billboard."


(We learned last week, actually, that all the supports are coming down and Coca-Cola apparently stipulated that no billboard could replace it on the roof of 701 Bryant Street.)

A rep for the Coca-Cola company issued a statement about the removal last week saying, "While we, like many San Franciscans, will miss seeing the sign, we made the difficult decision to not renew the lease as part of our efforts to focus on other digital media platforms that support the growth of our overall beverage portfolio."

The SF Business Times surmises that Coca-Cola is likely looking to attract younger consumers through other means, though that doesn't mean that we're seeing the death of billboard advertising altogether. While it took a dip at the beginning of the pandemic, billboard ads have rebounded in recent months — it's just not such a priority for Coca-Cola in San Francisco anymore. (And they still have that giant lit-up bottle at Oracle Park.)

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