A pro-Trump car and pickup truck caravan that seems to have originated in Santa Rosa traveled south to Marin County on Sunday, following a spate of similar caravans around the country that looked unsettlingly like those ISIS caravans from a few years back with their large flags flapping.

The flotilla of deplorables gathered first at the Vintage Oaks Shopping Center in Novato around 11 a.m. on Sunday, as the Chronicle reports, igniting fear and revulsion along their path through heavily liberal Marin County. The "Trump Train" event was seemingly organized, though it's not clear by whom, and it was one of many that occurred over the weekend in different cities around the country in a final show of support for the president.

This group that originated in Sonoma County, appeared to have chosen the predominantly Black town of Marin City as their ultimate destination, and a shouting match with counter-protesters ensued at the Marin Gateway Shopping Center around 11:30 a.m.

"The sheriff’s office was immediately inundated with calls from concerned Marin City residents," said Sgt. Brenton Schneider of the Marin County sheriff’s office, per SFGate.

The targeting of Marin City seems to be of a piece with other “Trump Train” events around the country, like one on Friday that traveled through a predominantly Black neighborhood in Fort Worth and caused a spontaneous counter-protest in part because it had a police escort.

Marin City resident Amber Allen-Peirson tells the Chronicle that she heard the N-word being shouted “at kids I know, kids I care about.” And she saw the targeting of Marin City as very voter intimidation by racists.

"It was like the Taliban had come to town," she told the Chronicle. "It felt like local terrorism, especially since it was Sunday, which is a holy day for the black community. If this is what is happening on November 1st, then what is going to happen on the 3rd or 4th?"

The pro-Trump caravan was followed out of Marin City with a barrage of paintballs and eggs, as the Marin Independent Journal reports.

Mill Valley resident Lisa Brayer also witnessed the caravan and heard a racial epithet get used by one of the "mostly" white men in the pickup trucks. As she tells the Marin IJ, "It was exactly like what you see on the news. t was all a big joke to them, but it was super scary. You just don’t expect to see it in Marin at all. It was awful."

As the Washington Post reports, and as documented on Twitter, similar caravans occupied highways and blocked traffic in New Jersey, Texas, and Southern California on Sunday, with the hashtag #MAGAdrag being one of the uniting themes. Another similar caravan on Friday in San Antonio was video’d seeming to want to drive a Biden/Harris campaign van off the road, and the FBI is investigating the case (while the President is, naturally, singing its praises and crowing about Antifa).

And the comparison to Islamist terrorists became a common one — and one that the Trumpists did not understand was a pretty obvious visual comparison, much to the ire of Fox News. A tweet on Sunday by Renée Graham, an associate editor of The Boston Globe, drew a lot of attention because she used side-by-side photos of a Trump caravan next to an ISIS caravan — the only difference being the hoisted artillery and the makes of the vehicles. The tweet set off a maelstrom of anger by right-wing pundits.

On the plus side, this rally was mostly vehicle-based, and is perhaps less likely to become a super-spreader event like most of Trump's other rallies have been.

Way to go, America.

Photo: Katy Foster/Twitter