Smoky air looks to be persisting across the Bay Area until the middle of this week, when — finally — some clean ocean air should begin moving, possibly along with a light storm system and some rain. So stay inside!

The Air Quality Index (AQI) reading in San Francisco Monday morning was actually worse than it was on Sunday (190s vs. 160s) as smoke particles and polluted air continues to hover closer to ground level.

As many of you have likely noticed, smoke forecasting at this scale isn't exactly a tried-and-true science, and even the National Weather Service (NWS) is struggling a bit to tell us, day by day, when we can expect some clean-air relief. The bigger picture is that the enormous cloud of smoke covering much of the states of California and Oregon isn't something that fully disappears in a day or even a week.

The NWS tweeted on Sunday that that ocean air will "eventually" arrive onshore, without being too specific. And then they said their smoke forecast modeling system was clearly off this morning, and they're recalibrating before they publish another forecast.

Here was the previous loop from Sunday into Monday morning:

National Weather Service meteorologist David King tells SFGate that by "mid-week" we should be seeing a shift in the weather and, hopefully, cleaner air.

At least the AQI isn't hitting 300 the way it was late last week!