As forecast yesterday by those in the know, the smoke situation that has dimmed and discolored the sky over the Bay Area isn't going to magically clear on Friday. There isn't enough wind to push the smoke in any direction except swirling over us, according to the latest model.

"Smoke and haze also continue to reduce visibility across our entire region and a thick layer of smoke continues to blanket much of the state,” said the National Weather Service in a Friday morning statement. “Given that winds are forecast to remain light through a deep layer of the atmosphere today, the thick smoke layer will persist and visibilities will be slow to improve."

Below is the depressing illustration of the enormous cloud of wildfire smoke over the region and how it will not move as the hours go by today.

Air quality in San Francisco and many of the surrounding counties has been "purple" or "very unhealthy" for everyone since Thursday evening, and that isn't changing until — hopefully — tomorrow. This means the air is a lot worse to breathe than it was on Thursday morning.

PurpleAir was picking up AQI readings on the San Francisco peninsula of upwards of 300, with one reading of 352. As SFGate notes, these readings put the Bay Area at the top of the world's regions for the worst air quality anywhere right now.


Ash continues to accumulate on cars and all outdoor surfaces, and Wednesday's orange glow has given way to something more gray and ordinarily gloomy.

It's also the 25th consecutive "Spare the Air" day, continuing to set a record there.

As KPIX reports, San Francisco State officials canceled whatever limited on-campus classes or activities were happening on Friday.

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Image via PurpleAir