The virtual version of Outside Lands, dubbed Inside Lands, will be airing this Friday and Saturday on Twitch — with organizers hoping that it reminds concertgoers how much they love the Golden Gate Park festival, and pushes them to purchase tickets for next year.

The streaming festival replacement was originally announced a few weeks back as being a greatest-hits collection of filmed performances from the last 12 years of Outside Lands. But now we learn that there will be over a dozen new live performances sprinkled into the broadcast on each of the two days, with a couple of "headliners" doing combo live and recorded shows — Bob Moses on Friday, and Sofi Tukker on Saturday, showing footage from 2019 and 2017 respectively, in addition to performing live.

The broadcast can be found on Twitch starting at 4 p.m. each day, August 28 and 29. And because there's no pesky curfew to deal with due to cranky Richmond and Sunset neighbors, Inside Lands will be airing until after midnight on Friday, and up until midnight on Saturday.

You can see the full schedule below, and note that the acts in pink/peach are live, and the ones in aqua are recorded, with the festival year shown in small print at right. The recorded performances include Elton John's Sunday night blowout from 2015, and LCD Soundsystem's triumphant return in 2016. Also, on Friday at 10:30, Gorillaz fans can relive the virtual band's anime-saturated set from 2017.

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Photo: Karl Walter/Getty Images