• Wildfire victims in eight California counties can now apply for federal disaster assistance. The assistance includes money for housing, home repairs and property losses not covered by insurance. [KRON4]
  • Another night of violent unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin ended with three people shot, two fatally, possibly by an armed militia member. Armed men were guarding a gas station that had become once center of activity, and a man with a long gun was seen on video on social media possibly admitting he killed someone. [New York Magazine]
  • A black business owner in Tiburon was apparently harassed by a police officer who demanded that he prove that the store belonged to him. [ABC7]
  • Three people were killed Tuesday night in a fiery car crash in Walnut Creek, at the North Main Street exit of I-680. [ABC 7]
  • A Daly City man and four other people have been charged with conspiracy and fraud in a scheme to defraud the federal government of $40 million in phony claims to recover tariffs for high-quality plastics — when they were really just shipping used tires to Asia. [SF Business Times]
  • The Dolan Fire in Big Sur destroyed a California condor sanctuary, and the fate of several nests with chicks is not known. [Associated Press]
  • After years of severe wildfires around the Bay Area, there is now a network of rescue volunteers and safe havens for animals who need to be evacuated. [Chronicle]
  • A new study examines how one biotech conference in Boston in late February became a super-spreading event that seeded tens of thousands of coronavirus infections. [New York Times]

Photo: Jean Vella