The local artist and graphic designer responsible for those realistic-looking AirPod stickers that showed up on the ground around SF last fall has a new bit of tomfoolery to distract us from our pandemic/wildfire misery.

Pablo Rochat got cheeky last November with some custom-printed stickers that looked like lost AirPods on the ground, in an attempt to get AirPod-owning San Franciscans to reach down and try to pick them up.

Now he's back with another sticker trick, only this time it's not about tricking people as much as it is about tricking pigeons, and creating new Instagrammable moments for our filthy urban feathered friends.

Laughing Squid picked up Rochat's latest campaign via Instagram, and look how cute these disgusting pigeons look playing saxophones.

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🎶 Pigeon Jazz 🎶

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This is far less cruel than that pigeon-sombrero thing that was going on earlier in the year, and just as delightful!

Earlier this summer, Rochat also made a hilarious little video with pigeons, posting one of those tear-off-phone-number posters low on a utility pole with the heading "Tired of Being a Bird?"

The curious birds naturally came and grabbed the number.

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They’ve had enough

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