An artist and prankster is having some fun with Apple-product-adoring San Franciscans, leaving life-size, realistic-looking AirPod stickers on sidewalks and streets in an effort to hoodwink unsuspecting passers-by into reaching for them.

Freelance art director Pablo Rochat is the guy behind the gag, as he openly admits on Twitter for the lawls. And as he tells SFGate, "I see people with AirPods all the time in San Francisco. I got a pair myself recently, and they're an awkward shape so I drop them occasionally. I see my friends drop them, too. I thought it would be funny just to pretend like everyone's dropping them."

Well, the truth is, everyone is dropping and losing these things! That's all part of the fun.

Others who want to get in on the fun can also download his free template and print out their own stickers, in AirPod and AirPod Pro editions — but obviously this is a joke with a limited shelf-life.

Here's a demonstration of a clever placement.

"I just love entertaining people," Rochat tells SFGate. "I love getting a reaction and making people smile and laugh."

Another of his previous pranks involving Apple was this series of faux "Shot on iPhone 6" posters — co-created with Fabio Benedetto — featuring goofy and unflattering selfies, dubbed "Also Shot on iPhone 6."

He also recently figured out that you can order pumpkin-spice water at Starbucks and it's free.