As if this weekend's unusual — exceedingly, hellaciously  — hot summer temperatures weren’t enough, Bay Area locals were treated to a rare lightning show last night and early this morning as wild thunderstorms roared through much of the region.

Suffice to say it's been a weekend filled with atmospheric anomalies. We've seen record-high temperatures (that spurred rolling blackouts); strong gusts of wind swept through various parts of the East Bay; a literal fire tornado, birthed by the Loyalton Fire, was recorded in Lassen County and made media headlines across the country. And now we can add severe thunderstorms to that previous list of descriptors.

As reported by the Chronicle, this round of hot weather triggered an unusual series of summer thunderstorms Sunday evening that created wind gusts of 75 mph and sparked a few small brush fires. Though those blazes were mostly subjected to areas north, south, and east of San Francisco — some grasslands along Point Reyes caught flame; the East Bay saw a handful of brush fires (including a 50-plus acre inferno in Livermore), as did parts of the Santa Cruz Mountain range — lightning lit up skies across our slice of Northern California.

And with warm, sweltering temperatures expected well into next week, there's a chance another round of thunderstorms might be on the horizon.

Pontifications aside, scroll through some of our favorites snaps (and a few videos) of last night's local lighting shows.

San Francisco

*Photo in the above tweet by Raman Frewy was taken by Stuart Berman

East Bay

Courtesy of Kat Ferreira, taken at sunrise in Oakland

North Bay

South Bay

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Image: Joseph Guillory (taken from Glen Park)