A physical altercation between two men inside the Ambulatory Care Center at UCSF Tuesday morning ended with one man collapsing dead on the street outside the hospital. Now, UCSF Police say they have arrested a suspect who has been charged with robbery and first-degree murder.

The incident happened around 6:15 am Tuesday morning in the lobby of the Ambulatory Care Center, and as KTVU reports, the victim stumbled out onto the sidewalk at 11 Irving Street. The man was apparently injured during a fight with another man. A nurse arriving to work saw the man, and attempted to administer first aid, but he was pronounced dead soon after in the hospital's ER.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video in the building, and boarding a Muni bus, wearing a white sweater, what appear to be white pants, and a blue backpack.

According to ABC 7, there was talk among UCSF staff that the suspect was homeless, though that was not clear from police statements. One employee, Jennifer Dudley, tells the station that she was recently assaulted by a man who "appeared homeless" who had just been released from the hospital's ER. "There is a lot of homeless people that hang out in the corridor, they sleep on the benches, I saw people doing drugs in there, exposing themselves in the morning," she tells ABC 7. "They come and there is no one regulating the situation."

Neither the suspect nor the victim has yet been publicly identified, and no motive has been discussed.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact UCSF police at 415.476.1414 in reference to case number 2020-897.

Photo: Ronan Furuta