As Michael Corleone can attest, it's hard to maneuver oneself out of the gangster lifestyle. Take, for example, Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, who, along with Senator Leland Yee and former president of the San Francisco Board of Education Keith Jackson, was pinched yesterday by the FBI on charges of corruption and other mischief. Once the kingpin to the Hop Sing Boys in America, as well as a tertiary involvement in the Golden Dragon Massacre of 1977, Chow famously, allegedly changed his ways.

The History Channel even dedicated an episode of Gangland to Shrimp Boy's life. As SFGate notes: "The episode, which aired on March 20, 2008, tells charming stories like the time Chow claims he shot a classmate at Galileo High 'in the ass' and a stint in San Quentin where he made friends with Charles Manson ('I did time with a bunch of amazing people')."


Chow now stands accused of money laundering, theft, "and generally overseeing a large criminal operation for years."

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