Joining the series of layoff notices sent to airline employees at multiple companies in the last month, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines have given the heads-up to hundreds of local staff that their jobs could be on the line.

Alaska Airlines sent WARN notices to 600 of its workers at SFO and its Burlingame offices, as KPIX reports, as well as 48 more at Mineta San Jose International Airport. The company is warning a total of 4,200 of its employees of impending layoffs, which will come in early October. As the Seattle Times is reporting, 1,600 Seattle-area employees received notices as well.

Like the mass layoffs announced at United Airlines last month, the numbers may change based on voluntary retirements and other factors.

Additionally, American Airlines announced Tuesday that it had sent furlough warning notices to 700 Bay Area employees, including 378 at SFO and a nearly equal number at Oakland International Airport, where the airline is ending flights altogether. As the Chronicle reports, American and its predecessor airlines have served Oakland for nearly 75 years, and that will now come to an end. Up until early June, American had still been operating some limited service between Oakland and Phoenix.

Neither Alaska nor American can lay off of furlough any workers before October 1, due to the agreements that came with federal stimulus funding earlier this year.

Alaska Airlines, which bought SF-based Virgin America in 2016 and took over many of its Bay Area routes, previously laid off a swath of Virgin employees the same year as the acquisition.

A wave of pessimism about the near-future of air travel has swept across the industry in recent weeks. As Business Insider reported Monday, many of the world's airlines don't expect air travel to return to its previous levels for about four years.

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