• SFPD Officer Simon Chan will not be prosecuted on domestic violence and sexual assault charges filed in April in San Mateo County. Chan, who worked at SFO, was arrested in April on suspicion of domestic violence, but the San Mateo County DA's office says there is not enough evidence to prosecute the case. [Chronicle]
  • Bay Area COVID-19 hospitalizations hit a record 673 today.* It was a 5.5-percent uptick since the previous day, and a 100-percent jump from late June. [SFist]
  • State health officials are suggesting they will shift strategy around testing in order to focus on communities and populations who are most vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus. [Mercury News]
  • Despite surging cases around the Bay, Alameda County has applied for a state variance to proceed with outdoor dining. [KTVU]
  • Everyone is confused about what is allowed to be open and what is not. [ABC7]
  • The Trump administration relented in one of its recent disgusting moves and it has rescinded a plan to take student visas away from foreign students taking online classes. [New York Times]
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been hospitalized again, this time with an apparent bile duct stent infection. [Associated Press]
  • After another successful legal challenge by chefs, foie gras is legal to sell in California again — so long as it isn't produced here. [Chronicle]

Photo: Vladimir Fedotov

*This post has been corrected to show that the Bay Area's revised hospitalization total as of 7/13 was 673, per state and county records, not 665.