SFist established this page in April 2020 to track COVID-19 cases and deaths in the nine-county Bay Area. With multiple counties no longer tracking PCR-lab-test case numbers, and their usefulness having waned with the prevalence of at-home testing, this page was retired from regular updates on March 2, 2023. See more information on the decision here.

For up-to-date information on COVID-19 prevalence in wastewater, see the California Department of Public Health's site. The state also continues to track hospitalizations and new reported cases from labs and hospitals.


Bay Area deaths from COVID as of March 2, 2023: 9,993

California COVID deaths as of March 2, 2023: 103,582
Nationwide deaths as of March 2, 2023: 1,121,313

California Wastewater Surveillance — An Interactive Map