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April 16, 2021

Bay Area confirmed cases: 430,000 — up from 429,948, or 0.1% so far today
Bay Area currently hospitalized: 349 — down by 14 (-3.9%) as of 4/15*
Bay Area deaths: 6,132 — up by 10 (0.2%) so far today

California cases to date: 3,688,170 — up by 2,583 (0.1%) on Thursday
California currently hospitalized: 1,833 — down from 1,865 (-1.7%) as of 4/15
California deaths: 60,463 — up by 86 (0.1%) on Thursday

Total cases nationwide: 31,500,848 — up from 31,491,453 (0.03%) so far today
Nationwide deaths: 565,353 — up from 565,254 (0.02%) so far today

San Francisco
Confirmed cases: 35,667 — no new data for Friday
Hospitalized: 31 — down by 0 as of 4/15, with 8 in ICU beds**
Deaths: 517 — up by 4 since Thursday

Alameda County
Confirmed cases: 84,962 — up by 72 (0.1%) since Wednesday
Hospitalized: 110 – up by 1 as of 4/15, with 23 in ICU beds
Deaths: 1,475 — up by 0 since Wednesday

Contra Costa County
Confirmed cases: 66,750 — up by 84 (0.1%) since Wednesday
Hospitalized: 34 — down by 10 as of 4/15, with 11 in ICU beds
Deaths: 767 — up by 0 since Wednesday

Marin County
Confirmed cases: 13,846 — up by 27 (0.2%) since Thursday — includes 2,242 San Quentin cases
Hospitalized: 5 — down by 0 as of 4/15, with 2 in ICU beds
Deaths: 207 — up by 2 since Thursday — includes 28 San Quentin deaths

Napa County
Confirmed cases: 9,645 — up by 9 (0.1%) since Wednesday
Hospitalizations: 1 — down by 0 as of 4/15, with 0 in ICU beds
Deaths: 78 — up by 0 since Wednesday

San Mateo County
Confirmed cases: 41,016 — up by 1 since Thursday
Hospitalized: 17 — down by 6 as of 4/15, with 4 in ICU beds
Deaths: 560 — up by 4 since Thursday

Santa Clara County
Confirmed cases: 116,678 — up by 126 (0.1%) since Wednesday
Hospitalized: 98 — down by 2 as of 4/15, with 20 in ICU beds
Deaths: 2,008 — up by 6 since Wednesday

Solano County
Confirmed cases: 31,804 — up by 70 (0.2%) since Wednesday
Hospitalized: 39 — down by 0 as of 4/15, with 6 in ICU beds
Deaths: 209 — up by 0 since Wednesday

Sonoma County
Confirmed cases: 29,632 — up by 24 (0.1%) since Thursday
Hospitalized: 14 — up by 3 as of 4/15, with 4 in ICU beds
Deaths: 311 — up by 0 since Thursday


What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
The primary symptom is a fever, and the Centers for Disease Control advise patients to contact their doctor if they have a fever in combination with a persistent cough, shortness of breath, headache, gastro-intestinal issues, and flu-like body aches and fatigue. Other symptoms include a loss of taste or smell, and sore throat. Symptoms appear within 2 to 14 days of exposure, with the median onset time being 5 days according to one study. The cough appears to be the main differentiator between this and influenza, and many people report mild symptoms. It's now believed that a large percentage of positive cases — between 25 and 50 percent — may be relatively or completely asymptomatic. Learn more from the CDC.

Where can I be tested in San Francisco?
There are now about a dozen walk-up and drive-up testing sites in San Francisco that do not require doctor's referrals, but they do still require you to say you have one symptom, unless you are an essential worker (call 311 for an appointment, or just drop in at certain locations). Other free testing sites, many of which require appointments, can be found in other Bay Area counties.

When and where can I get a COVID vaccine?
There are now multiple mass-vaccination sites and community vaccination clinics operating in San Francisco. The majority of residents will receive their vaccines either at one of the mass-vaccination sites or through their healthcare provider, and vaccines will also be available through CVS and Walgreens stores, though supplies are currently limited. Once you are eligible under the county's guidelines for receiving your first vaccine dose, you can schedule an appointment here at the Moscone Center site, or through your healthcare provider.

San Francisco is opening vaccine eligibility to all residents age 16 and up starting on April 15, 2021.

*All hospitalization numbers now include PUIs. PUI stands for Patient Under Investigation, and several counties already roll these PUI totals into their COVID hospitalization data. While some of these patients turn up negative for COVID-19, we're including them now in hospital census numbers for San Francisco and Santa Clara counties in order to track case surges as they happen. They are not added to confirmed case totals until their test results arrive.

**Does not include transfer patients from other jurisdictions.