The Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking fallout appears to have officially reached Silicon Valley, and in addition to Elon Musk getting dragged for being photographed with alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has been tweeting about Maxwell's ties to her former colleagues as well.

Late last week, Musk was responding on Twitter to chatter about a photo of him with Maxwell at a Vanity Fair (Oscar?) party in 2014, claiming "[I] don’t know Ghislaine at all," and, "She photobombed me once at a Vanity Fair party several years ago. Real question is why VF invited her in the first place."

But Maxwell was a well known socialite in her own right, in addition to being a well known associate of Jeffrey Epstein — and she is now just as toxic as he is/was as such photographs and other celebrity connections come to light.

Maxwell was arrested by federal authorities at a compound in New Hampshire where she was allegedly holed up for a number of months. It was speculated back when Epstein was first arrested that an arrest of Maxwell wouldn't be far behind, and multiple accounts from Epstein accusers in a federal indictment have alleged that Maxwell not only helped procure underage girls for "massages" and other things, but that Maxwell at some point even participated in the abuse of these girls.

Fox News reports that Maxwell will begin cooperating with investigators "soon," and that surely has many people worried.

Broke-Ass Stuart picks up the tale today, just after Pao made public comments on Twitter about former colleagues at VC firm Kleiner Perkins who she alleges knew about Maxwell's likely role in Epstein's sordid life but looked the other way as they put her on the guest list for the company holiday party in 2011.

"Ghislaine was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011, but I had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her," Pao said, per a screenshot of the tweet that was a reply to reporter Lachlan Markay. "We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the 'cool' people who managed the tightly controlled guest list."

Pao later clarified that Kleiner employees perhaps didn't "know" about Maxwell's involvement Epstein's crimes, for which he'd already been accused in 2009, but "suspected" her involvement based on multiple media reports on the case.

A Business Insider report on the Kleiner Perkins holiday fete from 2011 notes that Al Gore was in attendance, and there's a telling detail about how the guest list was so limited that "even spouses weren't allowed in." "The spots were reserved for investors and their portfolio founders."

Still, Maxwell was reportedly there, ostensibly as an "investor," though the Washington Post suggests that she had no money of her own and it was her hunger for the socialite role combined with lack of position following her father's death that led her to becoming Epstein's sidekick.

As Business Insider notes this week, "Kleiner Perkins is a storied Silicon Valley VC firms that provided early funding to companies including Amazon, Square, Snap, Google, and Twitter." And Pao has no trouble dragging them into this after she unsuccessfully sued them in 2012 claiming she was fired for making claims about gender discrimination within the company. At the time of the holiday party in question, she was a junior partner in the firm.

Later she would notably take on the role of CEO of Reddit during the toxic times of Gamergate, only to resign after about a year. These days she leads the non-profit advocacy group Project Include, whose mission is to push for more diversity in tech.