For its 25th anniversary — set in the middle of a worsening pandemic — the Pink Triangle this year isn't made up of large tarps and sailcloths, but rather 2,700 LED nodes that glowed hot pink Saturday night, managing to even pierce through the thick fog wrapping Twin Peaks.

Amid social distancing, the 2020 Pink Triangle, a repurposed symbol of queer solidarity and gay rights that was initially intended as a badge of shame, only a hand full of volunteers were allowed to help construct this year's erected light show.

Normally, hundreds would convene on the Twin Peaks hillside to set up the public display now synonymous with San Francisco Gay Pride. For 2020, however, the Pink Triangle's creator and founder Patrick Carney, along with a small team from Illuminate — the nonprofit behind The Bay Lights — assembled this year’s Pink Triangle as an actual beacon to honor the LGBTQ community’s past and act as a reminder of “hope, inclusion, love, and resiliency" in the age of COVID-19.

That said gargantuan lantern of radical acceptance and unwavering strength was finally on full display around 9 p.m. Saturday evening.

“Our City has lived through a modern-day pandemic, demonstrating great care and compassion,” adds Ben Davis, founder and CEO of Illuminate, in a former press release. “We have an important lesson to share now. Lighting the Pink Triangle is an opportunity to honor history, inform the present, and shape a brighter, more equitable future.”

Initially scheduled to debut at 8 p.m. last night, Illuminate The Pink Triangle’s unveiling was pushed back an hour to allow the skies to darken and give the fog a chance to perhaps let up; the latter, though, never happened. But regardless: the lumens emanating from the Twin Peaks' hillside were more than strong enough to glow through Karl The Fog's thick coverage.

If you missed yesterday's light show, don't fret. Illuminate The Pink Triangle is set to continue shining for the following three weeks. And should you can't wait to see it again this evening — or just want to bask in all its chromatic glory again — here's a collection of videos and photos posted on Twitter that put the Pink Triangle in a favorable light.

Also: if you'd like to see the Pink Triangle lit year-round, you can sign this petition to show your support of that idea.

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Image: Matt Charnock, SFist