In a little more than a week, Twin Peaks will again be home to the Pink Triangle of San Francisco, the Pride commemoration, the icon's website reads, "of the gay victims who were persecuted and killed in concentration camps in Nazi Germany starting in 1933 through the end of WWII."

Installed for each Pride weekend since 1996, the triangle is the brainchild of area residents Thomas Tremblay, Michael Brown, and Patrick Carney, Curbed SF reports.

"My friends and I were sitting in a restaurant on Market Street, wondering how we could spread the weekend's festivities to other parts of the city," Carney says. "We noticed a huge blank canvas right outside the window: Twin Peaks. Just a few weeks later the pink triangle of Twin Peaks was born."

The icon is almost 200 feet across, nearly an acre in size, and can be seen for 20 miles, they say on their website. But before it can be installed — as it will be on Saturday, June 24th, from 7-10 a.m. (you can volunteer to help with the installation here) — the area needs a little (genderfluid)scaping...and that's where the goats come in.

You know these goats! They're staffers of City Grazing, the SF-based landscaping company whose landscapers eat the undergrowth, as seen on Russian Hill, declining your Christmas tree, and making a break for it in the Bayview.

But right now, per San Francisco's Department of Public Works, the goats have been charged with prepping the Twin Peaks hillside for Saturday's Pink Triangle event. Which means that this week, a bunch of goats have a better view and arguably healthier snacks that the rest of us working stiffs.

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