So it goes... Two days ago it seemed like San Francisco had some further flattening of the curve to celebrate, but today, not so much.

San Francisco added 103 new cases on Friday, a 3-percent uptick that can't just be explained by a backlog of unreported cases, as Monday's 4-percent jump could be. The city now has exactly 3,400 confirmed, cumulative cases of COVID-19, and while hospitalizations have remained steady throughout the month of June, another data point might indicate bad things to come.

SF has held an average of 3 percent positive cases out of all tests conducted in the city, and from mid-May to mid-June the percent positive hovered between 1 and 2 percent. In the four days from June 20 and 23, however, the percent positive has leaped up to 4 percent. (Testing data from the city is delayed, so we don't yet have the percents for Wednesday through Friday.)

Also, the rolling seven-day average of positive cases in the city is now back up where it was in early May. While there were several points in June when the seven-day average was as low as 24 cases per day, it's now up to 43.

This is likely part of the rise in cases we've been told to expect as more people are interacting and more businesses are reopening. But with restaurants only barely open for a week for outdoor dining, that likely isn't to blame for what we're seeing here just yet.

Thankfully, hospitalizations remain relatively low as of the middle of this week, and SF has only recorded 48 deaths since the beginning of this pandemic. By contrast, Los Angeles has seen over 3,000 and New York over 17,600 to date.

As Eater notes today, San Francisco bars are all setting up sidewalk tables for drinking starting Monday, just as major surges in new cases are causing cities like Miami to pause their reopenings and keep bars closed. In Texas, where the anti-lockdown Governor Greg Abbott ordered one of the briefest stay-at-home orders in the country, bars were all just ordered to close Friday morning, and restaurants will have to reduce their capacities from 75 to 50 percent as of Monday. The governor of Florida also may be admitting the error of his ways, and bars in that state were just ordered to close today as well as case numbers surge.

So, stay vigilant, San Francisco, like Governor Newsom says. Wear your masks and drink in a socially distant manner! No matter how excited you may be to get back out in the world, we may be in for rollbacks and pauses of the reopening orders.

Let's not let three months of flattening the curve go to waste.