A third BART employee, this time a frontline worker, has tested positive for COVID-19, and BART says that the worker did not interact "closely" with riders, had been masked on the job, and has been sent home to self-isolate.

This is the first BART frontline worker to test positive for the coronavirus, and BART says they have been taking every precaution to prevent the spread of the virus. As KRON4 reports, the employee — who may have been a maintenance worker? train operator? — last worked on Sunday. No location for the worker's duties have been disclosed.

"Our contact tracing shows the employee had no close contact with the public," BART said in a statement, "however spent time in stations and on trains throughout the system. All identified employee contacts have been quarantined for testing."

Previously, two other BART workers tested positive for the virus, but neither was a frontline employee. Both of those employees have reportedly recovered.

BART has been actively trying to instill confidence in riders who may be afraid to return to commuting on its trains. BART trains are undergoing nightly fumigations with disinfectant, electrostatic foggers, and newer trains have had their modular seats rejiggered to create more distancing room.

These measures are part of a 15-point-plan to "welcome back" riders safely which was unveiled two weeks ago. Other measures include requiring face masks for all riders, and installing new social-distancing guidance signage on platforms and on trains.

Also, personal hand-straps are now for sale for commuters who don't want to touch train poles or straps.

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