Seeing that outdoor dining will be the name of the game in the local restaurant world for months to come, the owner of Cafe Flore has decided to reopen six months after shutting the place down.

Cafe Flore, rebranded as simply Flore in its last incarnation, quietly shut its doors over the holidays after 47 years in business, much to the disappointment of the neighborhood. While never well known for its food, the friendly indoor-outdoor spot was a popular option for brunch on sunny days, as well as casual boozy lunches throughout the week.

Now, as Hoodline reports, owner Terrance Alan is on the hunt for a chef, and has plans to reopen as soon as possible. (The city is permitting restaurants to begin outdoor service, with restrictions, on June 15.)

"I'd like to open the cafe as soon as we can, if it makes practical sense for safety," Alan says.

Alan and business partner Luke Bruner had been intent on turning Flore into a cannabis cafe when they took over the place in 2017, but that never panned out because despite legalizing recreational marijuana, San Francisco has not legalized consumption spaces that sell alcohol — or cafes that sell weed without being a licensed dispensary.

Alan and Bruner meanwhile took over a former nail salon space across Noe Street which they are planning to open as marijuana retailer called Flore Store. That project is moving ahead with plans for a fall opening. That space will not permit any on-site consumption.

Cafe Flore previously faced possible closure in 2007, and then again around 2016, before Alan and Bruner took over the business.

In January, Alan sounded like he had given up on the business altogether, and had vague-seeming plans to use the space as an event rental. But maybe, in a pandemic, having a lot of outdoor seating will give this place new life.

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