The legendary Cafe Flore might find its way to the obit page of the B.A.R. soon. Why? Because if it doesn't "get permission to have the option to serve food 24 hrs a day, to have the option to have amplified entertainment to allow a background DJ," or to get the chance to serve booze until 2 am, the place might zip up and never call again according to SaveCafeFlore.


Look, Cafe Flore is fantastic. Once place to go to "buy your drugs and then head over to Twin Peaks all night and get fucked up" during the 1970s--according to one elderly, anonymous gay--it's since mellowed out considerably. Now, you will find bookish boys covertly husband-hunting while pretending to work on their dissertations or screenplays. And sometimes a sprinkling of lesbians to taste.

Many accuse NIMBYs in the neighborhood (i.e., cranky old homos) for the Castro losing its seedy bars and overall "cache as an LGBT neighborhood." But that's only part of the reason, really. Castro bars and social outlets have died because it's far too easy to cruise for sex from the comfort of your own bedroom, basking in the warm glow of the computer screen. (Will l'Internet stop at nothing?!) Homosexual men in the Castro went out to nightclubs and bars to get laid; community-building, hanging out with buddies, doing bumps in the bathroom, and hurling cruel but clever bon mots always came in at a distant second. If Cafe Flore wants to remain open, flourishing in the fertile SF nightlife scene, they should work around that... somehow. The powerful convenience of online sex is the reality nowadays.

Still, Cafe Flore is gorgeous and drenched with sunlight. Plus, the bathroom is a private one. Its aesthetics alone are reason enough for it to remain open. Do you want it to stay open? Find out how after the jump!