A suspect was arrested Monday in the city of Richmond for allegedly killing and cannibalizing a female relative, later identified as his grandmother.

The circumstances of the case, and the names of both the suspect and the victim, have not yet been released by Richmond police. But as the Mercury News reports, police responded to the scene of a reported disturbance at a residence on Monday afternoon. And they found the suspect allegedly eating the body of a female victim — the URL for the Mercury News story initially mis-identified the woman as the suspect's mother.

Police only said that the victim was a relative.

The suspect was taken into custody and more details are likely to follow.

Update: KRON4 now reports that the suspect is 37-year-old Dwayne Wallick, and the victim was his grandmother, 90-year-old Ruby Wallick. The homicide occurred on the 1200 block of Club Court, and witnesses reported seeing Wallick standing over a bloodied woman's body. Arriving officers found him "digging in her flesh." Wallick was taken for a medical evaluation before being taken to the Martinez Detention Facility.

Further reports suggest he was "attempting" to eat the woman's flesh. It reportedly took four officers to subdue him.

Richmond homicide Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy tells the Chronicle, "I will say that in 26 years of law enforcement it’s the worst thing I have ever seen."

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