• Napa County announced late Tuesday that while wineries will remain closed, on June 1, schools and many other businesses can reopen. The county is the first in the region to move into "Phase 2.5," and this includes dine-in restaurants and shopping malls. [CBS SF]
  • Santa Clara County is beginning free COVID-19 testing for all residents today. The testing is occurring at PAL Stadium in East San Jose and at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. [ABC 7]
  • Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai talks about what it will look like to come back to work at Google after the lockdown. "You have people in two different buckets. There are people who really want to come back, and they miss it... And then there are people on the other side of the spectrum who want to be conservative. So we are trying to make that play out." [The Verge]
  • A fourth employee at the Oakland Police Department has tested positive for COVID-19. [CBS SF]
  • A large Berkeley nursing home has reported its first COVID-positive resident, who has now been moved to a hospital. [Berkeleyside]
  • A San Francisco dentist suggests it may be safer to come for dental procedures than to go to the grocery store right now. [ABC 7]
  • United Airlines is teaming with Clorox and the Cleveland Clinic to establish new in-flight protocols and cleaning procedures. [SF Business Times]
  • The Trump Administration has reportedly deported over 900 migrant children from the southern border since the pandemic began, some without telling their parents. [New York Times]
  • There's a new $1.2 million rent dispute between the Oakland A's and the Coliseum landlords. [Chronicle]

Photo: James Rathmell