Always a source of the Bay Area's most unique headlines, Vallejo has produced another one this fine Monday morning. It seems that Vallejo planning commissioner Chris Platzer, in addition to being seen sipping from a beer bottle during an April 20th Zoom meeting of the planning commission, also introduced his cat on screen and then threw him/her across the room.

One of Platzer's fellow commissioners can be seen putting his head in his hands after Platzer responded to his rather vocal feline companion by picking up the pet, saying, "First, I’d like to introduce my cat," and then tossing said cat off to the side. This was then followed by what appears to have been a hot-mic incident, in which Platzer could be heard saying "I'm going to be called bullshit on you little bitches" before fully logging out of the Zoom conference.

As the Vallejo Times-Herald reports, Platzer claimed to have resigned from his post on the seven-person commission as of Saturday, writing in an email, "I did not conduct myself in the Zoom meeting in a manner befitting of a planning commissioner and apologize for any harm I may have inflicted."

It's just the latest in a national trend of incidents and embarrassments involving teleconferences as the nation learns how to conduct most of their business via video software.

Platzer may or may not have made his resignation official, per KPIX, because city officials had yet to confirm it when he emailed the Times-Herald.

Platzer wrote further, "I have always felt that serving Vallejo in a voluntary position is honorable because Vallejo is worth serving. We are all living in uncertain times and I certainly, like many of you, am adjusting to a new normalcy."

The cat was not apparently harmed in the incident, but that can not be confirmed.

The Vallejo city council was reportedly set to vote on a resolution Tuesday to remove Platzer from the commission.

Speaking to the Times-Herald, Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan emphasized the importance of decorum in all public meetings. "This hurts the credibility of the city,” Sampayan tells the paper. “What happens if a developer is watching the meeting? They would obviously have concerns about the city."

The commission had been meeting last Monday to discuss the Fairview at Northgate project, which includes a new Costco store, shopping center, and 178 residential units. As KTVU shows us in the video clip below, Platzer was concerned about the Costco store's hours at the time the cat interrupted.

Platzer has served on the commission since 2016 and in 2013 tried unsuccessfully to run for city council.